About Me

I always enjoyed a good adventure story.

Daniel Rotondi

Tolkien, Lucas, and Rowling flooded my childhood. Instilling early in my mind the idea that their is always something breathtaking right around the corner and that you never know when the call to adventure will come. I have always been inquisitive, enjoying puzzles and problem solving. Sometimes the journey or how you achieved your goal is more worth while than your destination. You won’t know unless you answer that call.

This draw to the unknown fascinated me with technology and humanity’s attempt to understand the world around them.

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.

Arthur C. Clarke

With each new piece of technology I interacted with I enjoyed the potential expedition into the future it could take me on. It’s this idea that through technology and our dreams of the stars we may not be so far off from those stories of wizards and jedi.

Whether it is day trips through Vermont’s green mountains and greater New England or digital adventures in cyberspace. There was always something to see or a story to be had. That is why I created this site, to share the adventures and stories that have influenced my life in hopes that they my inspire you to start a journey.